Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to my shoot?

COLOR, COLOR COLOR. You can’t go wrong with colors! Crazy patterns, Color Blocking, African prints you name it. It’s always great to bring a few accessories with you. A cute hat or a stylish jacket can transform you from one look into another without the need for a complete wardrobe change. When making your clothing selection(s) please consider the cut of your top. Also, if you are thinking of wearing a dress or skirt, please keep in mind that we will be moving around a lot. Make sure to choose attire in which you will be comfortable and able to move. That said, dresses can make for some really fun and dramatic pictures! Please check out BGKI on Pinterest.

Where will my shoot take place?​

As you know I am a natural light photographer so your shoot will be taken outdoor. Before I decide on a location, I always ask to see the outfits a week prior to shooting. It is very important to text me your outfits 7 days prior because some locations requires that I ask for permission first.

I see that you have a makeup artist. Can i use my own mua?

Unfortunately, NO! Your makeup artist maybe super talented, but I personally Like to work with the MUA's I've worked with in the past due to editing purposes. Please understand, just because a makeup artist work may look GOOD doesn't mean that they cater to makeup for photography; that is a huge factor when it comes to editing.

Can I bring family or friends to watch?

Most definitely, I Feel like the more people the more fun. I do recommend that you bring no more than 2 people. Just be sure that your guests realize they’re there to support you and not distract you. Be warned - I will put whoever you bring to work. LOL.

How do I book my session with you?

In order to book a session date and time, I require a 50% session deposit along with a signed contract and model release. The remainder of your payment will be due 7 days prior to your session date.

What's the difference between your Personality and Free Spirit Session?

The Free Spirit Session is design for those who love to thrift and have a unique sense of style. Clients wanting to book a Free Spirit session will need to submit 4 to 5 outfits to me prior to session deposit. If the outfits do fit for this session, my Personality Session would be a better fit for you.

How long will it take to recieve my gallery?

Your gallery will be ready 2 weeks after shooting. I will post at least 3 sneak peeks Via Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to follow me so I can tag you as soon as your sneak peeks go up!

What if I'm running late?

Please respect my time as I will respect yours. I have this thing about being late. I have schedule your session and set aside a specific amount of time to make use of the best quality of light and produce the images I have become known for. Showing up late, do not allow me to do the job you hire me to do. I will wait up to 10 minutes on location for you so show up. After 10 minutes, per our contract, I will leave the location and your will lose all monies paid towards your session.

What if it rains?

Weather definitely plays a role in our photo shoot with you! We never compromise your photo day and never take a chance, so if rain or heavy winds are in the forecast we simply reschedule a day that works for you! I almost never reschedule unless it say's there is a 99% chance of rain.

How would you describe your photography style?

I would describe my style as " Hey girl, let's go to the thrift store find something, put it together and lets shoot" type thingy lol makes sense?. I love colors. I don't like things that make sense.

When should I send you my outfit choices?

Unless you are booking a Free Spirit Session, outfits should be submitted 7 days prior to shooting. Some locations require I get prior permission, so the submission deadline is NON NEGOTIABLE. If I do not receive your outfits in time, we will have to reschedule when another become available.

Are prints included in the session fee?

No. Prints are not included in your session fee. However, I offer a menu of heirloom print products that you are welcome to add on to any session.

What if I do not like my pictures?

Trust me you'll love them! I do not provide refunds. If you are dissatisfied with your photos, for a reason I had control over, and you wish to schedule a re-shoot, you must express this directly and clearly by phone or in an email with an explanation between 24 hours of receiving your link. Re-shoots are subject to scheduling availability and cannot be scheduled any quicker than availability allows. The satisfaction guarantee applies to paying clients only. The satisfaction guarantee applies to photography only. Although I will do my best to counteract any of the affects of the following, we are not responsible for: bad hair days, breakouts, stretch marks, bad skin, illnesses, make-up application, inclement weather, lint, wardrobe malfunctions or defects (including wrinkles, rips, and, stains), or sweat, or matters beyond our control (i.e. acts of God). Of course the prints are considered a custom product, which cannot be re-sold. Due to the nature of our product, all sales are final. –CSP